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Hanoi's nice surprise in light of fireworks

2/9 night, despite the rain, but through all the streets of Hanoi still billowing stream of people flocked to the point of fireworks. Do not betray the expectations, performances light National Day this year is very imposing and impressive. Yes 21h, fireworks fire simultaneously at five points as Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park, Lake Van Quan, national stadium My Dinh and Ho Tay, aglow in 15 minutes. Here are photos beams sparkling fireworks in the night 2/9 invites readers to admire:Despite unfavorable weather, rain poured but people still eagerly go watch fireworks to celebrate the great festival of the people. The performance impressed satisfying people's expectations. Despite the rain, the fireworks lit up the sky remained the capital.  Night fireworks jubilantly Fatherland's independence day was noted specifically in the heart of the city's residents.

(Photo: otofun)
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