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Over 10 years of development, collective leadership and staff officers gave Eposi have remarkable developments.

2006: Company founded the restaurant chain with establishments Ngu Binh Bridge in District 1 and base paper 2 in Ha Dong District. With a capacity of over 500 guests on one basis and Hanoi was awarded the Gold Cup for a healthy business community.

2007: The shareholders in HDDQT contributed capital, established affiliates is JSC Design Consultancy & Construction Investment Havinco active in business investment in real estate. Currently, the company is implementing projects commercial buildings and urban areas in Cau Giay District and Quoc Oai district of Hanoi.

2011: JSC Construction and Trading Manh Dung officially renamed Corporation Technology Development Eposi, marked a watershed in the way of business development.

This phase, implementation of Government policy provides for compulsory transport means monitoring device fitted to the journey. Eposi has rapidly continue to expand into investment, research, manufacture and successfully provide national market surveillance devices branded Eposi journey with the standards prescribed by the state and has been marketing receiving schools consume large quantities.

Continue to promote existing strengths with the breakthrough thinking and strong determination, Eposi has oriented system development operations with subsidiaries, affiliated companies operating in the real estate sector, service, electric - power industry, technology applications.

Become diversified group, Eposi determined to bring a positive contribution to the development of the economy and the real benefits to society. Staff, board Eposi always favorite motto "Connecting creativity to succeed" in order aggregate strength of the association, cooperation and evolution of creativity to bring sustainable prosperity for everyone, for every member, to partners and to the entire society.

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