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Training Policy

Eposi are creating conditions so that all officers and employees have an opportunity to learn, improve knowledge, professional development to enhance self-worth as well as serving the development of the company.

All officers and employees as are admitted to work in the company are undergoing training courses and orientation courses for professional training of other internal. The course will help to workers and new staff understand the history of the development of the company, the regulations are applied, the culture, the company's products, transactions related to each position that officers and employees responsible and foundation work to capture and integrate quickly with the work environment here.

Along with internal training, the company also regularly seek and appoint officials and employees to participate in training courses in-depth professional skills organized by the training unit snapped reputation production and business needs of the company to complete and improve the skills of officials and employees, better service for work at Eposi.

Officers and employees will be created all conditions to apply the knowledge obtained in the course of work and be evaluated for development, advancement in the future.

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