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Vision and mission


  • Become one of the largest economic conglomerate multidisciplinary, sustainable development with national standards and the region.
  • Exploiting the advantages, the development of technology applications and e-commerce, providing society with products and services with high quality and reputation, achieve regulatory standards.
  • Continue expanding business activities on a national scale, 2020 business development to the regional market.



Mission Eposi absolute compliance, which is always working to bring the value of services, benefits and innovative investment solutions, efficient to satisfy the needs of customers. Eposi will also try to bring value attractive profits and sustainable development for shareholders.

With the practical activities, trading in multiple industries, Eposi create opportunities and solutions valuable cooperation and pledged mutually beneficial to its members and partners.

Apart from the responsibilities with customers, partners, with the members of Eposi, the company has always focused on social activities, contributing to the construction and community development.

"New technologies for new life"  - that is the slogan and also the noble mission that Eposi towards. With the desire to create the best conditions for the lives of Vietnam, provides technology products with high quality and highly applicable, to meet all the requirements of even the most demanding customer .

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